Anne Watson: An Ultimate Commitment to Her Community

  • May 1, 2024
  • Hannah Warn, Emerge Vermont Intern

Senator Anne WatsonState Senator Anne Watson loves Ultimate Frisbee almost as much as she loves the state of Vermont. Anne participated in Emerge’s New England Boot Camp in 2017, a course that she credits with helping her understand how to run a grassroots-funded campaign effectively, especially as she began to run for higher offices. 

Anne started as a Montpelier City Councilor. She then sought two higher offices: she ran for Mayor of Montpelier and served from 2018-2022. She then won a State Senate seat in 2022. Emerge training helped her expand her campaigns to achieve higher office. 

Representing Washington County, Anne dedicates all of her time to her community. As a high school physics and math teacher, Anne understands climate science more deeply than many other politicians. She spends a lot of her time advocating for change and spreading scientific knowledge. Anne explains that understanding the chemical, biological, and physical systems at play helps her educate others about the importance of climate activism. 

Recent events like the flooding in Vermont last summer that devastated two municipalities in her district—Barre City and Montpelier—have made it easier to call attention to climate related issues. Anne’s ultimate goal when it comes to climate related change is making transitioning away from fossil fuels affordable. For now, Anne is focused on efforts like implementing the Clean Heat Standard and passing H.289, the Renewable Energy Standard bill. Anne sits on a number of committees, some of which focus on responding to and preventing major climate events.  

When it comes to climate issues, Anne says she feels a moral obligation to “clean up our side of the street.” She dedicates her time to keeping Vermont clean and sustainable. In Montpelier and its surrounding area much of the population is renters. Therefore, in her work Anne thinks about how technology that mitigates climate change could become accessible for renters. 

Anne loves her small community and engaging with her constituents on their interests and issues. While teaching in her district, one of Anne’s primary and continuous goals is to be an approachable politician who makes level-headed decisions and reflects the mindset of everyday people. She wants people to know she cares about them and that they can always approach her with questions or concerns. 

As for her love for Ultimate Frisbee, Anne takes it upon herself to ensure that children in Vermont have adequate access to the activity by making it a varsity sport. Finding yet another way to give back to her community, Anne has coached teams and worked to make sports accessible for everyone.