Men for Emerge Vermont

Advocates and allies supporting Emerge Vermont's mission

Men for Emerge Vermont is a core group of supporters who are advocates and allies of the Emerge Vermont movement, playing an important role in highlighting the impact of our work, advocating for our mission, and recruiting and mentoring the next generation of leaders.

Men for Emerge Vermont are advocates and allies supporting Emerge Vermont's mission of recruiting and training Democratic women to run—and win.

We are grateful for the support of the members of Men for Emerge Vermont in 2024:

Tom Abdelnour
Rep. Peter Anthony
Richard Beattie
Al Belluche
Governor Howard Dean
Michael DeSanto
Kevin Ellis
William Fox
Peter Gehring
Daniel Groberg
Mayor Jake Hemmerick
Dan Hogenkamp
Steve Howard
Tim Jerman
Keith Kasper
Stephen Kiernan
Anthony Klein
Rep. Martin LaLonde
Jason Lorber
Greg Morgan

Bruce Olsson
Senator Andy Perchlik
Jake Perkinson
Duane Peterson
Treasurer Mike Pieciak
Ernie Pomerleau
John Reid
Adam Roof
Cameron Russell
David Scherr
Michael Shank
Brian Shelden
Shap Smith
Jeb Spaulding
Bob Stannard
Julio Thompson
Greg Vaut
Miro Weinberger
Senator Peter Welch
Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman

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  • Men for Emerge Vermont members may also qualify for membership in other Emerge Vermont Donor Circles.

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