Emerge Vermont Local

Emerge Vermont Local

Thinking about running for local office? This training is for you!

Did you know fewer than 1/3 of Vermont selectboard members are women?

Our selectboards are the connection between our communities and the services and decision making that affect our daily lives. But with most selectboard members being white men over the age of 50 (as reported by UVM), it’s clear we need better representation at the tables of local government. Women—moms, young women, women of color, and LGBTQ+ women—are not participating nearly enough in the decisions that affect our communities and our lives.

It’s not just representation. Throughout Vermont we’ve seen an uptick in attacks on our education system and a concentrated effort to take over school board positions and push conservative agendas in public classrooms, libraries, and even on the sports field.

Issues of importance to women and families like our school curriculums, homelessness, addiction, public safety, spending, and so much more are topics of discussion for both selectboards and school boards. They require leaders with integrity, fairness, and equity. It’s essential that Democratic women are at the local government table.

Local government is for you—and you are needed at the table!

Are you thinking about running for your selectboard or school board next year? Maybe you’ve already decided to throw your hat in the ring for Town Meeting Day. Or maybe you want to help a woman leader in your community get elected. This training is for you!

Whether you’re undecided or getting ready to kick off your campaign, whether you’re up for re-election or a first-time candidate, or whether you want to volunteer to help someone else win, you need campaign skills and tools to help you succeed.

You need Emerge Vermont Local!

This 4-hour, afternoon training is for Democratic women considering running for selectboard or school board this upcoming Town Meeting Day as well as in the future. We’ll cover everything you need to know to run an effective campaign for local office, from determining how many votes you need to win to messaging to fundraising to canvassing. We’ll talk about lawn signs, letters to the editor, door knocking, house parties, and many more topics to help you build your best campaign.

We have completed our Emerge Vermont Local training for the 2024 Town Meeting Day election cycle. Please check back in the fall for info on next year’s sessions.