Jill Krowinski, Executive Director

Rep. Jill Krowinski is the House Majority Leader in the Vermont Legislature, where she’s served as a Representative since 2012. Krowinski has experience working at non-profits, political campaigns, and serving on community boards. Most recently she worked as Senior Advisor for Emerge Vermont. Prior to that role she worked at Planned Parenthood of Northern New England as the VP of Education and VT Community Affairs. Krowinski also served as a Commissioner for the Fletcher Free Library, Vice Chair of the Health Care Oversight Committee, and Chair of the Vermont Child Poverty Council. Krowinski is also the former Executive Director of the Vermont Democratic Party, has worked on several statewide campaigns, and served as a delegate for the American Council of Young Political Leaders in the Philippines. Krowinski is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh.

Jill can be reached at: