Weekend Boot Camp Trainings

Weekend trainings are designed for current and/or local office candidates

We offer several weekend bootcamp training options for already-declared candidates running in the current election cycle and/or prospective candidates for local office.

Bootcamps have been developed to give Democratic women the timely skills they need during active campaigns. Political strategists and trainers teach attendees the same critical elements of campaigning covered in our Signature Training Program, condensed into an intensive weekend program.

Emerge Vermont Candidate Bootcamp is a three-day intensive program designed to train women who have already declared their candidacy for competitive local offices, state legislature, and statewide offices. Our most recent Candidate Bootcamp was held in March 2020. Bootcamps include the training, associated materials, and food. Participants are responsible for their own lodging. Attendees who complete the boot camp are considered Emerge Vermont boot camp alumna and have access to alumnae resources, as well as continuing education opportunities for alumnae. Tuition may be paid by personal or campaign committee accounts. Due to campaign finance regulations, we cannot provide scholarships to boot camp participants who are also active candidates.

Emerge Regional Bootcamps are offered for current candidates across a specific region of the country. The curriculum and requirements are the same as state-centered bootcamps, with the added benefit of working with a broader pool of program members. Vermont women have participated in regional bootcamps in partnership with other New England and Mid-Atlantic states.

Emerge Vermont Local is a intensive weekend program specifically designed for women considering running for local office, such as school board, selectboard, or library trustee. Running for intensely local office in Vermont is unique. These races generally don’t require significant fundraising and take place over a condensed campaign schedule, so they are unlike state or county-level races. They do require strong community engagment and public speaking skills, and the ability to succeed in small-town and personal politics and relationship-building. Led by trainers who have successfully navigated these waters, this weekend program will help prepare you for the specifics of local politics, Vermont style.

We are currently building our training schedule for 2022. Please check back for updates or email elaine@emergevt.org with questions.