Emerge Vermont Alums Shatter Records on Election Night

  • Nov 9, 2022
  • Elaine Haney

Emerge Vermont, the state’s premier organization that recruits and trains Democratic women to run for office, delivered big wins up and down the ballot in yesterday’s general election. The organization had 59 alums on the ballot (not including justices of the peace) and 48 alums won—an 81% win rate. Winning alums include: 

  • Becca Balint, who will be the first woman and first LGBTQ+ person to represent Vermont in Congress. 
  • Charity Clark, the first woman elected Attorney General in Vermont history.
  • Saudia LaMont, the first Black woman to represent her district in the Vermont House (Lamoille-Washington).
  • Angela Lawrence, the first Black woman to be elected High Bailiff (Windham County).

“This is fabulous news for the women candidates in Vermont. They are setting new records and will make a great contribution to the political climate in the state. I’m delighted to see their wins,” said former Governor Madeleine Kunin, Vermont’s first and only woman governor and founder of Emerge Vermont. 

Emerge Vermont Cabinet member and former state representative Joan Lenes said, “We are extremely proud of all our alums who ran. Their success reflects the enormous impact of Emerge Vermont and the leadership of our founder, Governor Madeleine Kunin. Her vision for Vermont women helped make this possible.”

These victories are just a few of the many firsts and historic results from yesterday’s election. They highlight the growing influence women candidates are having and will continue to have as they make significant impact across the state while in office.

This election will provide fresh perspectives for many of Vermont’s offices and institutions. Eighteen alums who won are members of the New American Majority—Black, Brown and Indigenous women and women of color, as well as LGBTQ+, young, and unmarried women—while 16 of the women who won were first-time candidates. As Emerge Vermont works to repower the state’s political structures, these alums will be an essential part of expanding representation in our elected offices.

The election will also bring historic change to the Vermont Legislature. “Five women of color won their elections yesterday—that’s the same number of women of color serving in one session than have served in the Legislature in all of Vermont history,” said Senator Kesha Ram Hinsdale, an Emerge Vermont co-founder and the first and only woman of color in the Vermont Senate. “That is a more representative democracy for all of us.”

The election results also increase the number of women in the Legislature from 73 to 81, as well as Vermont’s national ranking of state legislatures with the most women. “The overall percentage of women serving in the entire Legislature will increase from its current 40.6% to 45%, the highest it has ever been. 23% of those women have been trained by Emerge Vermont,” said Elaine Haney, executive director. “We are currently #10 in the country. With this election we expect to get back into the top half of the list.” 

“Emerge Vermont alums were a dominant force on the ballot last night, and we are thrilled that so many of them have been elected to office,” said Haney. “These women are exceptional leaders with backgrounds, experiences and identities that represent the unique diversity of our state. As they did on the campaign trail, these newly elected women will transform our political structures, provide new voices for traditionally underrepresented communities, and demonstrate the importance of women in leadership. We’re incredibly proud of them and can’t wait to see all they will accomplish.”

Emerge Vermont alums who won on Tuesday are:


Candidate Office  District Emerge Class
Alyssa Black State Representative Chittenden-24 2020
Angela Lawrence High Bailiff Windham County 2022
Anne Watson State Senator Washington County 2017
Becca Balint U.S. Representative 2014
Becca White State Senator Windham 2016
Carol Ode State Representative Chittenden-18 2015
Charity Clark Attorney General 2022
Daisy Berbeco State Representative Chittenden-21 2022
Emilie Kornheiser State Representative Windham-7 2018
Emilie Krasnow State Representative Chittenden-9 2022
Gabrielle Stebbins State Representative Chittenden-13 2020
Jana Brown State Representative Chittenden-1 2018
Jessica Brumsted State Representative Chittenden-7 2016
Jill Krowinski State Representative Chittenden-16 Former ED
Julia Andrews State Representative Chittenden-25 2022
Karen Dolan State Representative Chittenden-22 2020
Kari Dolan State Representative Washington-2 2018
Kate Donnally State Representative Lamoille-2 2020
Kate Lalley State Representative Chittenden-6 2020
Katherine Sims State Representative Orleans-4 2016
Kathleen James State Representative Bennington-4 2018
Kathryn Nugent State Representative Chittenden-10 2021
Kesha Ram Hinsdale State Senator Chittenden-SE Co-founder
Leslie Goldman State Representative Windham-3 2020
Madeline Motta Assistant Judge Lamoille County 2014
Mari Cordes State Representative Addison-4 2018
Martine Gulick State Senator Chittenden-Central 2018
Michelle Bos-Lun State Representative Windham-3 2020
Monique Priestley State Representative Orange-2 2022
Rey Garofano State Representative Chittenden-23 2022
Ruth Hardy State Senator Addison County Former ED
Sara Coffey State Representative Windham-1 2018
Sarah Copeland Hanzas Secretary of State 2022
Sarah George State’s Attorney Chittenden County 2018
Sarita Austin State Representative Chittenden-19 2018
Saudia LaMont State Representative Lamoille-Washington 2022
Stephanie Jerome State Representative Rutland-9 2020
Tiff Bluemle State Representative Chittenden-13 2020

The above winners are alums of Emerge Vermont’s Signature Training program.  Another group of 13 women recently completed an intensive campaign training, with 10 (77%) also winning their races. They are:

  • Angela Arsenault, House, Chittenden-2
  • Tesha Buss, House, Windsor-5
  • Ela Chapin, House, Washington-5
  • Leonora Dodge, House, Chittenden-23
  • Chea Evans, House, Chittenden-5
  • Edye Graning, House, Chittenden-3
  • Wendy Harrison, Senate, Windham County
  • Rebecca Holcombe, House, Windsor-Orange-2
  • Kate McCann, House, Washington-4
  • Dara Torre, House, Washington-2

Emerge Vermont has a proven track record for getting Democratic women elected. Since the organization launched in 2013, the program has trained 174 women to run for office. Prior to the August primary, 54% of alums have gone on to run for political office or been appointed to local boards or commissions, and of those who have gone on to run for an elected position, 39% have won including Speaker of the House Jill Krowinski, Senate Pro Tem Becca Balint, and Lt. Governor Molly Gray. 

Nationally, Emerge has trained more than 5,000 alums since 2002 and currently has more than 1,000 alums in elected office across the country. The organization is committed to reaching 100,000 women of the New American Majority over the next 15 years, fostering a lift as you climb culture for women in politics, and repowering political structures. There are currently 27 state affiliates, and the organization has impacted a total of 45 states, Washington, D.C. and territories. Emerge is committed to reaching 100,000 women of the New American Majority, repowering political structures, and fostering a lift as you climb culture for women in politics during the next 15 years.