Emerge Vermont Expresses Gratitude for Treasurer Beth Pearce

  • May 6, 2022
  • Elaine Haney

The Emerge Vermont family wishes to extend our heartfelt gratitude, appreciation, and support to State Treasurer Beth Pearce as she retires from her outstanding career in public service and steps up to meet another challenge.

“We want to thank Treasurer Beth Pearce for her many years of service to the state of Vermont. She has been a careful, prudent, and conscientious keeper of the state’s purse. Her presence in the treasurer’s office has served as a role model for many young women and girls. Seeing her in office broadened the horizon for the next generations of women. We will miss you Beth. We send you our very warm good wishes for your future,” said former Vermont Governor Madeleine Kunin, founder of Emerge Vermont.

Beth Pearce is one of only 14 women in Vermont history to be elected to statewide office and only the third woman to serve as Vermont State Treasurer.

She has spent her entire career in public service across New England, including nearly 20 years of service to Vermont. Among the longest serving treasurers in Vermont history, she was first appointed State Treasurer in 2011 by Governor Shumlin and won election in 2012. Prior to her appointment she had served as Deputy Treasurer since 2003.

Beth has been a member of the Emerge Vermont Cabinet for many years. A recipient of the Madeleine M. Kunin Achievement Award in 2018, she is a role model of public service for women and girls across Vermont. She has been a tireless mentor and supporter of women in their political, professional, and educational pursuits throughout her career, and she has been a strong champion of women candidates up and down the ballot.

“Beth has always been steadfast in her care for Vermonters and our financial solvency. And in spite of the enormous responsibility of her office and her outsized impact statewide, she has always remained humble and conscientious, always giving credit and the limelight to others,” said Emerge Vermont Cabinet member and former state representative Joan Lenes.

Over the course of five campaigns, Beth never received less than 52% of the vote in the general election. A tireless campaigner, she nonetheless also found the time to support other women running for local and statewide offices.

As treasurer, Beth has dedicated her office to ensuring the prosperity of all Vermonters. Her prudent management of state finances has protected Vermont’s bond rating, now the best in New England, saving Vermont millions.

Among her notable achievements are her championing of Act 69 to create the Green Mountain Secure Retirement Plan; supporting the creation of STABLE accounts—tax free savings plans for Vermonters with disabilities, announcing the $1million mark in 2019—and changing the conversation on clean water investment by making a clear economic case for funding clean water initiatives across the state.

With perhaps the best constituent services in state government, under Beth’s leadership the treasurer’s office returns millions of dollars of unclaimed property to Vermonters every year, and launched mymoney.vermont.gov to improve Vermonters’ financial literacy.

“Throughout her career Beth Pearce has demonstrated what true public service looks like. Emerge Vermont has been honored to have her guidance and support over the years. We will always point to her as an example of public service with integrity, strength, and resilience. She is a role model for every woman we train and every woman who runs for office,” said Elaine Haney, executive director. “We hold her in our hearts as she meets her next challenge.”