Emerge Vermont’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

September 23, 2023 6:30 pm Eastern Time (EST)

Emerge Vermont's 10th Anniversary Celebration

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This year Emerge Vermont will celebrate our 10th Anniversary with an evening of gratitude & celebration (and dancing!) at the Barns at Lang Farm in Essex Junction on September 23rd at 6:30pm.

Back in 2013, former Governor Madeleine Kunin wanted to make her vision of more Democratic women serving in elected office a reality. She created Emerge Vermont: an organization dedicated to providing women with the tools, skills, and network necessary to run successful campaigns—and win.

Ten years later, women are serving as Vermont’s Secretary of State and Attorney General, 45% of Vermont legislators are women, and Vermonters have elected the first woman in our history to represent us in Congress.

Ten years later, 186 women (and counting) have participated in Emerge Vermont’s Signature Training Program, and dozens more have trained with us in other programs. Today, our alums and trainees hold 123 elected and appointed public offices. Today, 45% of our alums and trainees are in office, 54% have been in office, and 67% have run for office.

Ten years later, Emerge Vermont has made a difference. Women’s representation in government has increased significantly since Governor Kunin brought her vision to life in 2013.

And we’re not done. BUT, before we continue on our incredible path, it’s time to celebrate all that we’ve accomplished.

Governor Kunin didn’t make it happen all on her own. Dozens of people came together at the start of Emerge Vermont: co-founders who served as advisors and instructors; executive directors who continually strengthened and expanded the fledgling organization; and donors who believed in the mission and the women doing the work and provided the financial support to realize the dream.

On Saturday, September 23, 2023, Emerge Vermont will celebrate our 10th anniversary, raising our glasses to the many co-founders, donors, and alums who have made our success possible. We will gather at the Barns at Lang Farm in Essex Junction (45 Upper Main Street) at 6:30pm. Join us for a night of gratitude & celebration (and dancing!) to raise a glass to 10 successful years and a bright future!

Enormous gratitude to our amazing sponsors: 

Senator Peter Welch ✦ Congresswoman Becca Balint ✦ Senator Kesha Ram Hinsdale ✦ Michael DeSanto & Phoenix Books ✦ Jason Lorber & Aplomb Consulting ✦ Donna Carpenter ✦ Duane & Laura Peterson ✦ Ernie Pomerleau ✦ Lydia Spitzer & Dottie Deans ✦ Lisa Steele ✦ ActBlue ✦ Dick & Diana Beattie ✦ Rep. Tiff Bluemle & Elizabeth Shayne ✦ Attorney General Charity Clark ✦ Joan Lenes ✦ Cate MacLachlan & Jake Perkinson ✦ Treasurer Mike Pieciak ✦ Vermont Democratic Party ✦ Kate Baldwin ✦ Sarah Buxton ✦ Lynn Fox ✦ Secretary of State Sarah Copeland Hanzas ✦ Senator Ruth Hardy ✦ Mitzi Johnson ✦ Speaker Jill Krowinski ✦ Sallie Deans Lake ✦ Leonine Public Affairs ✦ Treasurer Beth Pearce ✦ Senator Andy Perchlik ✦ Sharon Richards ✦ Susan Ritz ✦ Brian Shelden ✦ Former Speaker Shap Smith ✦ Margie & Peter Stern ✦ Kitty Toll ✦ Shelly Yusko & Sheila Armen ✦ Anonymous ✦ Julia Barnes ✦ Rep. Jessica Brumsted ✦ Senator Alison Clarkson ✦ Maureen Dakin ✦ Governor Howard Dean ✦ Rep. Kari Dolan ✦ Sandy Dooley ✦ Maxine Grad ✦ Christine Hallquist ✦ Helen Head ✦ Mary Kehoe ✦ Tony Klein ✦ Let’s Grow Kids Action Network ✦ Sarah McCall ✦ Sue Minter ✦ Secretary Julie Moore ✦ Bruce Olsson ✦ David Scherr ✦ Liz Schlegel & Rep. Tom Stevens ✦ Denise Shekerjian ✦ Meg Smith ✦ Bob Stannard ✦ Mary Sullivan ✦ Vermont Conservation Voters ✦ Lt. Governor David Zuckerman ✦ Anderbell Acres ✦ Rep. Sarita Austin  ✦ Susan Barrett ✦ Gerri Bloomberg ✦ Colleen Brown ✦ Ana Burke ✦ Sarah Carpenter ✦ State’s Attorney Sarah George ✦ Rosalind Graham ✦ Rep. Edye Graning ✦ Lt. Governor Molly Gray ✦ Steve Howard ✦ Governor Madeleine Kunin ✦ Jane Kunin ✦ Angela Lawrence ✦ Rep. Josie Leavitt ✦ Anne Lezak ✦ Alex MacLean ✦ Cheryl & Don Mitchell ✦ Melinda Moulton ✦ Rep. Carol Ode ✦ Abby Perlman ✦ Former Speaker Gaye Symington ✦ Christina Bell ✦ Edee Edwards ✦ Patsy French ✦ Rep. Rey Garofano ✦ Joanna Grossman ✦ Senator Martine Gulick ✦ Brett Hauber & Carl Andrews ✦ Dina Janis ✦ Shaina Kasper ✦ Linda Labriola ✦ Christy Liddy ✦ Joe Major & Melinda Brooks-Major ✦ Rep. Mike McCarthy ✦ Susan McClure ✦ Gretchen Morse ✦ Alana Mounce ✦ Rep. Gabrielle Stebbins ✦ Anna Tadio ✦ Kathryn Van Haste ✦ Trina Webster


Event Date:
Saturday, September 23, 2023
6:30 pm Eastern Time (EST)
Event Location:
The Barns at Lang Farm, Essex Junction VT
45 Upper Main St, Essex, VT, USA